Rental Requirements2017-12-16T20:08:51+00:00

Drivers license is required for all rentals, (motorcycle license required for all motorcycle/dirt bike rentals) ATV and buggies a normal car license will be fine.

Deposit on a major credit card of $500 – $1000 per vehicle (vehicle deposits range depending on the vehicle)

Foreigners: Photo of your passport face page + entry stamp into the country

Do We Still Go If It’s Raining?2015-12-27T18:46:53+00:00

Of course we do! We think that rain is an added feature to our tours; More mud, More fun! Also gets rid of the dust!

How Dirty am I going to get?2015-10-31T16:59:20+00:00

It is guaranteed the you will get dirty on your adventure, depending on the weather conditions, the level of dirt you acquire will grow! If the conditions are dry expect a fine layer of dust on all exposed areas, and if the conditions are wet, expect mud inside and out!

What kind of Equipment do you provide?2015-10-31T17:03:14+00:00

We provide goggles for the buggy drivers, and helmets + visibility straps for all ATV or Dirt Bike drivers. We have dust bandanas available at the front desk for purchase.

Is the Equipment provided for a fee?2015-10-31T17:03:58+00:00

Goggles, helmet, and strap are provided in the price of the tour. Dust bandana is offered at the front desk for a small purchase fee.

Is It Safe?2015-10-31T17:25:34+00:00

We understand that riding all terrain vehicles is inherently risky. We go to great lengths to ensure that every ride is adventurous, educational, dirty, and of course safe. The following safety standards are observed on every tour:
• Pre-ride safety instructions
• Safety course orientation**
• One guide and one chaser if group is larger than 4 vehicles (As group larges, more guides are added)
• Support vehicle equipped with first aid, toolbox, and water.
• Communication equipment: cell phones.

**Guests that have difficulty with the safety course orientation are given the option to ride as passengers.

What are the rider requirements?2018-04-03T19:31:29+00:00

• Must be 16 with ID to drive any vehicle. ID must indicate birth date.
• Guests 18 and under must be accompanied by an adult upon check in.
• Children 5 and up may ride as passenger on a double ATV or in the buggy.
• No persons under 16 years of age allowed to drive.
• Full use of arms and legs are required to drive an ATV.
• No persons with back problems or recent surgeries should tour.
• Long pants and closed toe shoes are not required, but are not a bad idea.

Am I Going To See Wildlife?2015-10-31T18:03:52+00:00

Wildlife is abundant in Costa Rica, but it is never a guarantee that you will be able to see it when riding an ATV.