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AXR Jaco: Tour & Rental Requirements (Drivers)

  • Passport (Original or Copy with Face page & Last Entry Stamp)
  • Drivers License
  • Credit Card (Rentals: Vehicle Deposit & Tours: Security Voucher)

Please understand that these requirements are a MUST, and without these requirements the tour or rental will not be completed.

AXR Jaco Terms & Conditions

  • All Drivers will be required to sign a damage deposit form that requires a deposit held on credit card or cash deposit.
  • If no damage is caused to the vehicle, no charge.
  • all drivers will observe the “tread lightly” rules of respect for the environment, including the land, water, animals, etc.
  • All drivers will be required to wear the appropriate great that is provided.
  • All drivers will be advised to inform guided of what experience level they are.
  • All drivers will be requires to sign a waiver indicating their knowledge of responsibilities.
  • It is the responsibility of the guests to advise if anyone under 16 will be riders.
  • All drivers must be 16 years of age, or older.

Safety First!

Any children under the age of 16 will be a passenger. All children/non drivers enjoy the adventure with the guide assigned to that vehicle, or with another licensed driver.

Our Cancelations Policy:

Booked Online: 5 Days before it starts for a full refund, with no refunds after that. No show or late arrival, there will be no refunds, and deposit will be lost.

Booked In Store: 2 Days prior to the tour the deposit will be refunded. 24 Hours before tour 50% will be lost. And within the 24 hours before tour the complete deposit/charge will be lost.

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