The winter chill must be making you itch to getaway. But is it the right time? Beach days, swimming in the ocean and touring the forests on an ATV are what make Costa Rican vacations a luxurious dream. Unfortunately, there are better times to travel there than others based on a variety of reasons from weather, busy holidays and more. If you’re looking to book and visit, ensure you read this article first to guarantee you’re travelling during the right season for optimal excitement.

Dry Season: Mid December To May

You’re in luck, Costa Rica is currently experiencing its dry season, which is the perfect time to visit! The dry season ranges from mid-December to May and boasts an abundance of sunshine, warm beaches, ample wildlife and much more. This peak season is one of the most popular times to visit Costa Rica because of the little to absolutely no rain during this period of time. It also makes for the perfect time to visit renowned attractions such as the Poas Volcano and Rio Celeste Waterfall. You’ll be able to enjoy these enviable sites with clear blue skies and plenty of warmth. There’s also plenty of tours to book and enjoy, including AXR Jaco’s Tortuga Island tour and Jaco canopy tour.

  • Tortuga Island Tour: Our Tortuga Island tour brings you to the picturesque island located on the Gulf of Nicoya. The gorgeous coast intrigues travellers from all over to snorkel, lounge on the beach, swim and enjoy. Only a 1-hour journey via catamaran or sub wing, our tour includes breakfast, lunch, beach furniture and an eco hike. The dry season is the perfect time to visit to enjoy the crystal clear blue Tortuga waters.
  • Jaco Canopy Tour: Our Zip Line (Canopy Tour) allows you to experience stunning mountain views of the surrounding rainforest. Enjoy some incredible sights and wildlife, including the Toucans, White-faced monkeys and more. Zipline along the treetops and enjoy the ultimate adventure and exhilaration. This 2-hour tour guarantees the safest zip line equipment and includes an English and Spanish instructor.

Weather During Dry Season

Costa Rica actually has varying temperatures and altitudes. This is why it’s important to keep in mind high humidity, which is commonplace during the dry season and temperatures ranging between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. As unpredictable as the weather may be, you can depend on virtually dry and warm areas during the dry season with no rain and plenty of sunshine. You’ll also be able to enjoy some of the most stunning sunsets and rare overcast days. The mountains in Jaco provide travellers with shade at the start of the day as well.

Enjoy the landscape, weather, culture and wildlife that Costa Rica offers! The best way to enjoy beautiful Jaco, Costa Rica is with AXR Jaco tours. Our amazing adventure tours offer an incredible experience for everyone! Book your Costa Rican dream trip, then reserve our incredible tours and save 10%! Visit to reserve today!