Top Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a utopia of natural attractions, with beaches, forests, volcanoes, and unique wildlife. It is a nation that appeals as much to luxury-focused travellers and bird watchers as it does to backpackers and surfers. Costa Rica's busy capital city, San José, is home to the country's best museums and charming squares, but [...]

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ATV Riding Tips

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Riding an ATV is not like driving any other four-wheeled vehicle. It is a unique riding experience that requires practice to perfect, but it is indeed worth the time. ATVs can give you the same adrenaline-filled thrill that a dirt bike can while being more stable. An ATV is still a powerful machine and [...]

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How to prepare for your Zip Line Tour

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Sliding down a cable while being several metres off the ground at speeds as high as 80 kilometres per hour can seem both exciting and intimidating. Zip lining has become more popular than ever, and it is no wonder. More and more people are wanting to be a part of a thrilling adventure while [...]

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A Few Reasons to go on a Crocodile Tour in Costa Rica

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Here’s an adventure you must add to your bucket list: an exciting crocodile tour in Costa Rica. Don’t worry, you will have one of our guides for company. Don’t be afraid to take your kids with you either. The crocodile tour is family friendly and quite unforgettable. Unlike whale watching tours where you are [...]

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Benefits of Horseback Riding

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There are many reasons people consider taking up horseback riding. Besides being a fun recreational activity, it is also an excellent form of exercise for the body and mind. Horses used to be the main form of transportation for decades before automotive vehicles took over. People rode horses as a necessity back then, but [...]

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6 Tips for White Water Rafting with Kids

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Looking for an authentic tropical white water rafting summer adventure for the whole family? Check out the beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica where some of the most pristine rivers in Central America flow. The Naranjo and Savergre Rivers are two of the most popular white water rafting locations in the region. [...]

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