Travelling to a country like Costa Rica is always exciting! There are so many places to visit and activities to take part in. That being said, with a different country comes different wildlife, and Costa Rica definitely has some interesting creatures running around. As the saying goes, “they’re more afraid of you than you are of them,” so for most of these critters, as long as you aren’t in their immediate way or threatening their life, they won’t bother you.


There are an estimated 300,000 species of insects alone in Costa Rica. Of those, over 1,000 are ants, most of these little guys are harmless and ones that you’ll barely notice. Though one and you don’t want to bite is the bullet ant. Bullet ant stings are extremely painful yet medically harmless to humans.


Costa Rica’s bug species doesn’t stop there. There are mosquitoes most common in the months between May and November as the area tends to be more humid. Wearing bug spray and ensuring there are proper screens on your windows and doors can prevent the spread of illnesses carried by mosquitoes like Zica, Lyme, and Malaria.

Colourful Bugs

One of the cooler bugs you could come across is the Jewel scarab. This Beetle has a shiny exoskeleton that is reflective like a jewel. They come in colours ranging from Silver, to green, to gold and are just beautiful to look at! Many of our bugs are bright and bold and along with one of AXR Jaco’s adventure walks, keep your eyes peeled and you might see one you’ve never seen before.


Spiders are honestly no one’s favourite animal. For the most part, the scariest looking spiders in Costa Rica do the least amount of damage. While that is true for most spiders you could see in your hotel, one you don’t want to come across is the Brazillian Wandering spider. Known as the world’s most toxic spider, you need medical attention after being bit by one. They are identifiable by the two pouch looking features in between their front legs and grow to span around 6 inches.


Scorpions are very common in Costa Rica but the chances of you seeing one is rare as most resorts and hotels spray pesticides for scorpions. Even if you do see one, their sting is nothing more than a pinch and neither Costa Rican species is lethal.


Geckos are another common critter in Costa Rica, these four-legged friends tend to be very scared of humans and will run right up the wall and away from you if you try to get too close.


Snakes get a very bad reputation, but most of Costa Rica’s are completely non-venomous. Seeing snakes in your room, however, may only happen if you forget to shut your windows or doors. In the unlikely event that you get bitten by a venomous snake, all of the hospitals have antivenom on hand, and you will have nothing to worry about.

There are hundreds of thousands of species in Costa Rica and all are essential to maintaining the beautiful ecosystem. On one of AXR Jaco’s ATV trips or adventure trips, you’re almost guaranteed to come across a few sloths and other cute creatures, and as long as you mind your step, you will be safe from any unpleasant run-ins with nature.