When you’re traveling to a new place, you should always be mindful of its reputation, especially as a tourist. Every vacation destination has its safety concerns, but today we’ll be discussing a few safety tips you should keep in mind when traveling to Costa Rica.

General Precautions

The most that tourists need to worry about when travelling to beautiful Costa Rica is petty theft. As long as you keep an eye on your belongings and don’t carry too much money in your wallet, this isn’t something to be concerned about. Keep your wallet in a hard to reach area and you’ll be good to go.

Carrying Other Valuables

Along with carrying a small amount of money with you, don’t flash around what money you do have. That will only increase your chances of being pick-pocketed. Leaving all unnecessary credit cards at home, only taking one or two with you for your trip. And don’t keep your passport on you constantly. Instead, make sure it’s secured in your luggage or the hotel safe. As for your electronics, jewellery and other valuables, keep them locked in the hotel safe or leave them at home. Bringing a camera is important if you want to capture your time in Costa Rica, but bringing along devices that you won’t be using much during your trip isn’t essential.

Hotel Stays

If you choose to stay in a hotel as opposed to a vacation rental property, then you’ll most likely have security personnel on duty 24/7. This is particularly true if you’re staying in a problematic area. Some hotels also require guests to be buzzed it, creating an even safer atmosphere.


Most rental car companies in Costa Rica use the same fleet of cars, making them easier targets for petty thieves. To decrease the risk of your belonging getting stolen, take everything with you when you’re leaving the car. Thinking about hiring a taxi service? Make sure it’s driven by a licensed driver, as there are pirate taxis in the city as well. You’ll know you have a registered driver if they have a red or orange airport symbol on the door. You’re also safe to enter a taxi with a yellow triangular medallion on their vehicle. Busing is also a great way to get around Costa Rica and see the sights, as long as you keep hold of your belongings and avoid persistent individuals trying to assist you in some way.

A Night Out

For your safety, it’s best to stay in groups in you’re thinking about exploring any bars or clubs at night. As with many travel destinations, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially in unfamiliar territory. Take a taxi, bus or rental car to get to and from your locations.

Victim of Crime?

If you or someone you’re travelling with has been a victim of theft or anything else, it’s important to contact the National Police immediately. Contact the Transit Police if you’ve been a part of a traffic accident or violation. Costa Rica also provides Tourist Police who are typically bilingual and on patrol in more touristy locations.

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