Exploring Costa Rica by ATV is a thrill-seeker’s dream, offering access to stunning rainforests, remote villages, towering waterfalls and wildlife viewing. If you like what you read, AXR Jaco has got you covered! We design adventures for all experience levels, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned off-road enthusiast.

An ATV tour is the perfect choice to experience Costa Rica’s incredible natural beauty from a unique vantage point. Riders can absorb the local colour of villages and interact with residents, all while traversing diverse landscapes. The tours offer an unparalleled way to intimately view the country’s diverse ecosystems, from rainforest to coastline.

You can take in the local culture and wildlife as you ride through the terrain. Looking to unleash your adventure with ATV tours in Jaco? Consider the following tours:

  • Full-Day Extreme Ride

If you want to do it all, this is the perfect tour! This all-in-one full-day adventure will allow you to travel on many different roads and trails, choose your vehicle, and have an unforgettable day! You will get the chance to travel on riverbeds and to remote areas deep into the rainforest. 

You can enjoy your lunch in the mountains with a refreshing natural smoothie and continue with your ATV to different waterfalls and pools. A full-day tour will allow you to see more than you would with other packages because you will have the time to explore new areas and not feel rushed throughout your adventure. 

Off-roading means you will get dirty, so wear the appropriate clothes and closed-toe shoes. You never know what you will come across on your tour, and it’s possible to see much of Costa Rica’s wildlife during this adventure. You will enter the rainforest, and you may come across different types of birds, including toucans.

  • Rainforest Express

If you prefer to book a short and quick ATV tour, this one-hour tour will allow you to explore the outskirts of Jaco. You can travel outside town and cross into the rainforest along dirt roads and trails. You can climb the riverbed to a small roadside waterfall, which is a fantastic location for a photoshoot. You can then turn back with your ATV and enjoy a lookout at Jaco and the Pacific Ocean, and once the tour is over, you can return and plan another ATV adventure if you enjoy the Rainforest Express. 

ATVs make noise, which may keep wildlife on the outskirts of the forest, but there is a very high chance you will come across monkeys, sloths, and toucans. 

  • Waterfall Jumper

This tour will allow you to travel into the tropical rainforest by dirt roads, riverbeds and trails. You will work your way to the mountain tops and enjoy the beautiful views of the valleys and coastline. You will travel down to a waterfall where you can cool off before returning to Jaco. 

You will have the chance to take beautiful pictures throughout the adventure because there will be plenty of stops, and you can also stop at a local rancho for a drink. 

  • Extreme Vista 

This is a two-hour adventure that includes great trail riding to the mountain tops surrounding Jaco. You will travel through dirt roads, trails, and riverbeds until you reach the peak and take a quick break at a local rancho, where you can drink and take in the beautiful view of the valley, meeting the Pacific. You will then work your way back down the mountain. 

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