Surf Lessons Jaco Costa Rica

Surf Lessons Jaco

• Time: 2 Hours

• Time based on tides

• Board rental & gear

• Bilingual staff

We accept all major credit cards

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To reserve this tour we only require a deposit, balance will be paid upon arrival.

Important Information: 

  1. The deposit of $20.00USD has reserved your booking, upon arrival to the tour office the balance per person of $35.00USD must be paid before the tour starts. 
  2. Pickup time is 30 minutes prior to start time. (Please be here at our office, or ready at the lobby of your listed pickup hotel.)
  3. Transportation is included within Jaco, outside a small transportation fee may be applied (will be paid upon arrival.)
  4. Cancellations: 5 Days before it starts for a full refund, with no refunds after that. No show or late arrival, there will be no refunds, and deposit will be lost.


Everyone is welcome from beginners to advanced levels. We handle all ages from 4 years to 80! First timers are always under the supervision and handled with the utmost care. They are instructed in water safety, surfboard handling paddling out, popping up, and riding waves in their first surf class. 

Large range of classes available as you become more advanced, private classes, or groups. Advanced classes consist of reading the ocean, catching a wave, beginner tricks, and much more.

Surf Lessons