If you are heading to Costa Rica and looking for some drink inspiration, you are in the right place. Below, we list nine things to drink in Costa Rica, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic

Batidos (Smoothies)

One of the most delicious drinks in Costa Rica is the smoothies. Not only are they fresh and delicious but they are also healthy options, assuming that there isn’t any processed sugar or syrup added. They can be made with water or milk. The ones made with water will be watery and icy, while the ones with milk are thicker and will taste like a fruit milkshake.


Coffee beans are Costa Rica’s best-kept secrets. They are locally harvested with an aromatic and rich taste. Most places will have caffeinated coffee, but you can also find specialty shops that will carry decaffeinated coffee.


Horchata is a white, creamy beverage that is similar to a milkshake that is made from rice, and has a cinnamon-y flavor.


Juice in Costa Rica is unlike any juice that you have ever had. It is always fresh and is offered in a variety of flavors such as apple, orange, pineapple and mango.

Pipa Fria (Cold Coconut Water)

Pipa Fria is a must-try if you are visiting Costa Rica. It is a refreshing, affordable beverage that has a light coconut taste. Depending on where you are, you’ll spend $1-2 for this delicious drink.

Refresco Gaseoso (Pop/Soda)

You can find pop/soda brands that you are accustomed to seeing such as Coca-Cola. You can even find flavored soda (mango, pineapple) flavors in grocery stores and restaurants.



Guaro is sugarcane liquor and also the unofficial drink of Costa Rica. It is slightly sweet and tastes very similar to vodka. As one of the least expensive alcoholic beverages in Costa Rica, Guaro flies off the shelves.

Cerveza (Beer)

If you are a beer drinker then you will be happy to know that liquor stores and grocery stores in Costa Rica are always in stock of beer. The best selling beer in Costa Rica is called Imperial, which is an American-style lager that all visitors to Costa Rica love.


Rum is the drink of choice for many Costa Ricans. There is a wide variety of rums for you to choose from and many of the drinks are made with rum. If you love this drink, you can purchase it in a number of places, from grocery stores to bars and restaurants.

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