Crocodiles are extremely beautiful creatures. Their beauty is not to be mistaken for kindness though, they can grow upwards of five meters and have jaws that crush bone and tear apart meat easily. Going on a crocodile tour in Costa Rica is a safe and once-in-a-lifetime experience when you have the correct guide, safety, and equipment.

Crocodiles in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to a large population of crocodiles, one of the largest in the world. Crocodiles mate during the rainy season in Costa Rica, which is around May to November.  The caiman can usually be found in rivers or swampy areas around mangroves. On some occasions, you can see small crocs around the beaches though this occurrence is not very common. They eat all kinds of meat, from smaller fish all the way up to iguana, and deer, and if given the opportunity and are hungry enough, humans.

What you can expect on a tour

Besides the best experience of your trip? You can expect a lot! Expect to see the giant ancient creatures bathing in the sun, swimming along the river, or hunting. Make sure you are ready to capture these amazing creatures and more. Our crocodile tours take you along the river, but there is much more wildlife to see! You will be able to witness colorful Costa Rican bird species along with sloths and other small mammals. Your trip begins from Tarcoles and will take you all the way down the river towards San Jose. You can expect the tour to last around two hours, come prepared with a full belly, clothing you will be comfortable in, and lots of sunscreens!

Will the crocodiles bite me?

The chances of you getting bitten are slim, especially if you are mindful of where you are and your surroundings. Don’t leave the tour group or decide to have a DIY experience. These are wild animals and we need to respect their strength and territory.

How much does it cost?

A crocodile tour is very affordable, especially considering what you get out of it. For children under 4, it is free, between 5-11 is $50, and the adult price is $65. Included in the price are all transportation to and from your hotel and the entire boat trip. The memories and pictures you will get are priceless though.

To find out more information on crocodile tours in Costa Rica and the other tours available, visit our page. To book an excursion, fill out the form(s) on our website. We can’t wait to see you!