Looking to explore Costa Rica in style and comfort? Look no further than AXR Jaco for your rental vehicle needs. As you plan your Costa Rican adventure, having a reliable vehicle is essential to fully experience the country’s natural beauty and attractions.

Whether navigating jungle backroads or cruising the coast, AXR Jaco’s top-of-the-line ATVs and other vehicles allow travellers to discover Costa Rica on their terms. Our quality rentals have the freedom and flexibility to design your itinerary, letting you maximize every moment in this remarkable destination. Leave the stressful planning behind and let AXR Jaco help you confidently hit the open road.

With AXR Jaco, you can rent any of the following vehicles if you meet the minimum age requirements and are deemed a suitable candidate:


All-terrain vehicles are known for their ease of use and are comfortable, fun, and exciting. You can access tough terrain and rough areas because, with an ATV, nothing will hold you back from experiencing a fantastic adventure! ATVs are very popular in Costa Rica because they are street-legal with license plates. This is a great way to explore Jaco and the beautiful surroundings of Costa Rica. There are many dirt roads, and you can even travel through rainforests and trails to explore every part of Costa Rica, including small towns and the beautiful countryside. Note that a helmet and reflective strap are required by law.


If you want to ride the mountains, a motorcycle will ensure a blast, although you will need a motorcycle license for this kind of rental. You can enjoy the roads and the fresh air, and just like ATVs, you must wear a helmet and reflective strap, both of which are required by law.

Side x sides

If you want to travel with a few passengers, you can rent a side x side to cruise the beach town of Jaco or head out into the rainforest. These buggies are quite fun! There are 5-seater options available, which are very comfortable and reliable. These vehicles are perfect for Jaco because you will enjoy comfort and speed!


This is a very fun way to cruise around town because some scooters are automatic and designed like little motorcycles. This makes it easy to get around town and explore your surroundings. Scooters have small tanks that can last for days. While you do not require a license, experience is required because scooters can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.


Are you looking for something convenient and easy? Bicycle rentals do not require any kind of license. You can cruise around town with an ID and a credit card. You can choose from different bicycles, and you will receive a helmet and a bike lock with your rental if you wish.

Things to Know About Vehicle Rentals for Your Jaco Adventures

Safety must always be prioritized! You must take the time to understand the rules of the road to ensure a safe driving experience. You must obey speed signs regardless of the type of vehicle you rent, and you must be a responsible driver to ensure the roads are safe for everyone. Road conditions will vary, and you will come across dirt roads and well-paved two-lane highways, depending on your area.

Explore Costa Rica With AXR Jaco

Are you looking for the best Jaco rentals? AXR Jaco has everything you need for a fantastic adventure! You can depend on our company for seamless and quality rentals, and we will help you book the ultimate ATV tour! We offer top-notch vehicles for your Jaco adventures and will help you with all your rental needs.

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