Isla Tortuga is one of the most beautiful islands in Costa Rica. It is located in the Gulf of Nicoya, a must-see if you visit this region. The tour is pretty well organized, but it is worth going on your own if you have a chance.

Isla Tortuga is a very small island with white sand, palm trees and clear waters with coral reefs. It’s great for snorkelling and sunbathing as well as whale watching, and you can get there by taking a tour.

Snorkelling, Sunbathing, or Simply a Great Day at The Beach

Isla Tortuga is the perfect spot for snorkelling, sunbathing and simply spending a great day at the beach. The island has crystal clear waters that allow you to see all types of marine life, including fish, turtles and even dolphins!

The island also offers other activities, such as SCUBA diving, kayaking and boating.

Tours are cheaper than arranging your boat because they include transportation and lunch, but they are more expensive than arranging your boat. The tour includes snorkelling, sunbathing and time on the beach.

The tour includes transportation, lunch and drinks on board and also the entrance to the island. The transportation is by bus. Lunch is included in the price, and you can select your favourite food from a set menu. Drinks are not included in the price, but they have a selection of soft drinks, beer and various liquors that you may choose as you please.

When you arrive at the Tortuga island tour, there will be an entrance fee to go into this National Park. This costs $25 per person (US dollars) per day: approximately $40 US Dollars for two days or $60 US Dollars for three days (this does not include any meals). However, if you book a tour through one of the companies listed above, this is included in your tour price, so do not worry about having to pay separately for your entrance fees when visiting Isla Tortuga!

The tour includes some time for snorkelling and a few hours on the beach. This can be a great way to relax and enjoy yourself in the water, but it’s also nice to just relax on the sand and take in your surroundings. There are plenty of shops around to buy souvenirs or snacks if you get hungry or thirsty, as well as an open-air restaurant that serves lunch. The beach is maintained very well, so you won’t have any issues cleaning up after yourself before heading back out onto the water!

So, is the Isla Tortuga island tour worth it?

The answer to this question depends on what you want to do. If you are looking for an adventure and want a more personal experience, then I would say yes! It’s not as easy as going on a tour with other people who don’t know each other, but if you go with some friends or family members, you will have an amazing time together exploring this beautiful island. Call today, or send us a WhatsApp message at +1 (506) 8766-5252 to find out more! You can also email [email protected] to book a guided tour.