Tortuga Island may be small, but this area will provide you with the experience of a lifetime! Whether you’re looking for adventure or love nature, this is the island you need to visit because it has plenty to offer and delicious foods, beautiful surroundings, and water sports are just a few of the things you will find.

If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, make sure Tortuga Island is part of your adventure because there is so much to do, and the following guide will provide you with more information:

Go Scuba Diving

There are three scuba diving sites, and the dive areas are suitable for beginners and advanced divers, so everyone will have a good time. These sites feature shipwrecks and marine life, so you will have lots to explore and will come across manta rays, stingrays and dolphins.

Go Snorkelling

Those who are not interested in scuba diving can go swim and snorkel instead. You will find different fish species, including different kinds of eels and seahorses. The white sand beach on this island is the ideal place for this kind of adventure, and you can even hire a boat and experienced guide if you want to find the best spots to snorkel.

Give Sea Kayaking a Try

This is one of the most popular things to do on Tortuga Island, and because this activity is considered challenging, it is a must that you hire an experienced kayaking guide to come with you. This will ensure your experience is safe, and you will get to paddle out to see the stunning scenery.

Eat Delicious Barbeque Along the Beach

This island is the ideal place to enjoy a feast by the beach because of its scenic dining area. Most tour charters will have tasty grilled items on their menus, so it is a must that you give these dishes a try. The seafood is fresh, and the meats are cooked perfectly, so you can eat your meal while relaxing on the sand and enjoying the tropical setting.

Go Hiking

If you don’t want to play on the sand or dive into the waters, you can go for a hike through the jungles of Tortuga Island. The forested hills will lead you to the summit, where you will get to take in breathtaking views from this high vantage point. There are different trails you can choose from, and you will get to see monkeys and armadillos along the way.


It’s important to remember the good times you had on the island, so don’t forget to shop for souvenirs. There are different shops that sell locally made items for you to take home.

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