If you’re thinking about going on a Costa Rican vacation, then you won’t be disappointed. Here are ten ways to guarantee you’ll have a magical time exploring this gorgeous place.

Swim in a Waterfall

You can’t visit Costa Rica and not swim through a waterfall, especially when considering just how many Costa Rica has. Your vacation isn’t complete without setting foot in a waterfall.

Explore the National Parks

This beautiful country is home to 27 national parks and 58 wildlife refuges, including Cahuita National Parks. Take the time to visit one of the countries largest parks, with protected rainforests, beaches, rivers and reefs.

Treat Yourself

Finding the time to relax is an important part of any tropical vacation. You’re sure to find spa treatments across Costa Rica that will leave you wanting more. Take just as much time doing nothing in a spa as you would travelling through the country.

Have an Adventure

When travelling through a foreign country, leaving the hotel is an adventure in itself. However, to further customize your experience, books island tours, go white water rafting, zip lining over dense jungles and so much more.

Explore the Beaches

One of the most gorgeous features of Costa Rica has to be there many white sand beaches. You won’t be able to find a sight more spectacular then the pure blue waters washing up the beaches.

Visit a Volcano

Costa Rica is a wonderland for volcanic activity. As part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, you’ll find five active volcanoes, about 100 that show activity and over 200 volcanic formations. Without even trying you’d probably be able to stumble across a crater or two.

Experience the Culture

Regardless of where you venture to in Costa Rica, you’ll find all sorts of people and cultures to dive into. Visit areas with live music, outdoor markets and authentic foods to have a genuine look into another world.

Visit the Wildlife

Make some new furry friends by visiting various forests, jungles and wildlife sanctuaries. See sloths, go bird watching or spot an alligator while exploring the country. Photograph the most exotic animals the world has to offer.

Dive into the Cuisine

No matter where you’re from, you’ll experience an extraordinary new food palette by tasting the local Costa Rican cuisine. Take your time to explore different markets, restaurants and food Costa Rica has to offer. Unless you have a severe allergy, dive into everything you possibly can.

Keep it Simple

Even though visiting all these sites and exploring the country is a grand opportunity, don’t forget that you’re on vacation! This means taking as much time to relax and enjoy a simple day out as you would venturing from coast to coast.

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