5 Tips to save time and money during your stay in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small tropical paradise and it has all the natural beauty you can imagine, that’s why over the years it’s been getting more and more known and popular for travelers to visit the country. Tourism is now the main economic entrance in the country, this is the main reason why Costa Rica has thousands of experiences, restaurants, stores, and much more.

So that’s when the hard part of traveling comes. We always want to be sure that we booked the best tour or service, with the best company and at the right price. With tons of options to choose from, that can be a difficult job.

That’s why we made a list of some tips that will save you some time and money while booking your next trip to Costa Rica:

  1. Save money by comparing

Don’t always go for the first option you like, remember there are always hundreds of other options of any service here, and sometimes the same one at plenty of different prices. Take a look at your options on different sites before booking, this might not save you time but most of the companies will give you a better price if you book directly from their website or phone and not from an online travel agency.

  1. Book everything in advance

It’s always a good idea to book your vacations some months before, that way you won’t worry about not finding the things you had in mind, booking in advance means getting what you want and will also save you a lot of money because you’ll find a lot more of great deals.

This advice is very important if you’re traveling during Costa Rica’s high season because you won’t always find availability on tours.

  1. Go to see a travel agent

Travel agents are locals and they know the ins and outs of the country.

They will always have the best advice for you and enough information about whatever you’re looking for.

Booking your vacations with a travel agent will make everything easier and faster, they have connections that you’d never have access to in order to get better deals and the idea of paying for everything of your vacation to only one company can result in the safest way to travel.

  1. Write everything down

Making a list is the fastest way to find everything you need faster if you make it of what are the things that made you travel here, which ones aren’t negotiable to miss and some others you’d like to do if you find the time will simplify the searching of companies and services make them.

  1. Talk to someone who visited before

There’s no better advice than someone who experienced the country as a tourist for the first time too, they’ll let you know how it feels and the hardest or bests things they had to deal with during their stay, the tours, restaurants recommendations all from their experience.

In the end, traveling to another country is so memorable because it’s unusual and takes you out of your comfort zone, that’s why it’s always important to spend the necessary time and money on this to be completely prepared!