Are you planning a trip to Jaco, Costa Rica? There is a lot to do, and you’ll have to plan your trip carefully for an enjoyable experience. Off-road tours will provide you with a memorable experience, and you can book any of the following:

  • ATV Jungle Waterfall Adventure

If you are interested in a classic ATV tour in Jaco, this is a great choice because you’ll get to ride along trails in the jungle, weave between trees and splash in the mud! You will make your way up to a viewpoint overlooking the ocean and can eventually make your way to not one but two waterfalls! You will have an amazing time relaxing in the natural pools. You can go for a swim to cool off, or you can try the cliff jump if you are adventurous.

You can find roundtrip transportation if you are staying in Jaco, and it is highly recommended that you book this very popular ATV tour in advance to secure a spot. 

  • ATV waterfall and rainforest lunch 

If you want to get into the jungle and explore the lush paradise, this tour is ideal because you can see monkeys, toucans and even sloths! You can also explore a quaint mountain town and enjoy a truly authentic Costa Rica experience! This tour will meet in Jaco, and you will start by exploring the Agujas Mountains. You will follow a route guiding you through rainforests and rivers, past waterfalls and up the mountain. You will eventually reach above the canopy to glimpse the ocean and find the tranquil town of Bijagual.

Here, you will find a town square, soccer field and old church and get a feel of authentic Costa Rican life. 

  • Zipline and ATV and Waterfalls Combo Tour 

If you want to spend a full day outdoors, this combo tour is perfect because it combines two of the most popular adventure activities in Jaco: ATVing and ziplining. It also includes waterfalls, and you will have a truly adventurous day during which you will make memories that last a lifetime! You will start by heading up a mountain to gain elevation and soar down. Ziplining in Costa Rica will allow you to see wildlife and access jungle views you cannot see otherwise. 

Once you reach the bottom, you will climb your ATV to explore the jungle floor and weave along the mountain trails, after which you can jump into the refreshing waterfall. 

  • Full-day pass Jaco Jungle Adventure 

If you want a fun, action-packed day, this tour is ideal! You will spend the day in the jungle horseback riding, ATVing and ziplining amongst the treetops. This tour is great for beginners and adventure seekers, and the experience lasts 7 hours, so you’ll make plenty of memories all day. If you book through a reputable company, lunch will be included in this day tour, as will equipment. 

  • Off-road ATV + Zipline + Waterfall Rappelling + Tractor Jungle Tour

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one activity because this tour can help you do it all! This tour includes ATVing, ziplining, and waterfall rappelling for a fun day. You will start the tour by riding an ATV through the trails up to the El Encanto Waterfall, where you will rappel down. You will then continue with your ATV as you follow the trails up the mountain to a zipline, where you will zip down and enjoy an exciting rush! This package usually includes pick-up, guaranteeing a jam-packed day of adventure and fun! 

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