There’s no doubt that summer in Costa Rica shines brighter and the amazing beaches all around are the best places to go and spend the first hours of the heat of the day, that’s why the summer is the most visited temple in Costa Rica.

But when the summer is over, the rain is back with slightly cooler temperatures than usual, the dust is gone, the rivers and waterfalls get bigger, and Costa Rican forests become all green with blooming flowers again!

The “green season” in Costa Rica happens from May to mid-November in most parts of the country (there’s an exception on the Caribbean side) an even if the rain sounds like it’s not the best time to visit, we welcome thousands of people every year to enjoy the real nature experience. That’s one of the reasons why tourism never stops here and also because locals got used to a tropical country living.

That means that you can still do every experience, you will find open restaurants, shops and tours, if the rain is not crazy hard you will find whatever you’re looking for, and for a better price than in the summertime for sure.

Rain also lets us know that is ATV tours time, there’s no dust to stick in your eyes anymore and the waterfalls are ten times more enjoyable with more water, the only problem you can think of this time can be the mud but I’m sure that’s a plus to make it better.

Here’s a list of the most popular ATV tours in Jaco, Costa Rica, so you can enjoy the rainy season the best way:


 This tour duration is of 1 hour, is private and we pick you up wherever you’re staying in Jaco for no extra charge. Rainforest Express 1-hour tour is perfect for you if you’re short on time, a quick blast through the trails, you’ll witness the natural side of the town, driving through the forest by trails, rivers, beach mountain tops, and more!


This tour duration is of 2 hours, it’s private also and free pick up in the area if needed. On this tour you make it to the top of the mountains, with beautiful views of all of Jaco and the surrounding area, this is a perfect tour to feel the rush of going up the mountain!


The duration of This tour is of 3 hours long, same as before you have a private tour and transportation in the area. On this tour, you make it to a hidden waterfall where you can cool off after a great and extreme ride, and is optional if you’d like to stop at a restaurant with the greatest view.


4 Hours-long private tour with free transportation if needed. This is a half-day adventure into the rainforest, discovering all the hidden gems, rivers, waterfalls, reaching the mountain tops, and a lot more!


This is the complete experience, private for your group, and transportation is included in the area too! Learning about the culture of a few remote towns hidden in the rainforest, typical lunch included, and waterfalls. Truly a complete experience for those nature lovers looking for adrenaline. Tour lasts between 6 to 7 hours!

From first-timers to experienced drivers, you can do them all, all the guides are licensed and bilingual, and all the tours include vehicles and gasoline! Reserve with us your ATV Tour in Jaco.