Looking for an authentic tropical white water rafting summer adventure for the whole family? Check out the beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica where some of the most pristine rivers in Central America flow. The Naranjo and Savergre Rivers are two of the most popular white water rafting locations in the region. There are sweeping turns, thrilling drops, class-3 rapids for a gentle ride, mini canyons, and high rock walls for an adrenaline rush.

AXR Jaco provides exciting half-day and full-day tour options to introduce you to the beauty of the region from the best vantage points on the water. Bring along your kids, swimming gear, sunglasses, towels, shoes, and an extra set of clothes for unbeatable summer fun.

It pays to remember a few things when you plan a white water rafting trip with kids above five years old. Here are a few guidelines to ensure a good time for all.

How to Handle Different Age Groups

It can be challenging to handle kids from different age groups. Some may shy away from adventures. Research well before venturing out to know exactly what you all are getting into. Get the wary ones more excited before you set out by narrating fun experiences. Encourage them to step outside their comfort zones. Helping them develop a positive mindset is half the battle won. Let them look forward to a good time. We have expert guides who are trained to teach them techniques to build self-confidence.

Let Them Take Risks

There is a tendency for parents to be extra careful on adventure trips with kids. However, on a guided white water rafting trip, allow them to take a few risks to learn how to handle different situations. Don’t be hesitant to let them explore under the sharp eye of our trainers. Kids are fast learners. You may be surprised to see how well they take to the waters, and all that they learn.

Teach Responsibilities

While you allow them some amount of freedom, it is also important to let them know their limits. Our guides teach them a few things but as parents, take time to lay down the ground rules before they set out so they are aware of the dangers ahead. For instance, warn them about the rocks below when they take a plunge. Let them wade about but make sure there’s an adult present at all times, sun protection, and safety vests. Explain the risks and responsibilities so they are aware, cautious and take steps to enjoy a safe, memorable trip.

Games and Entertainment

Carry small, easy to carry games to keep them preoccupied. Carry a frisbee, board games, a fishing pole and books for recreation after the day’s hectic activities.

Stay a Night Longer

A white water rafting trip is exhilarating but also exhausting, especially for kids. Avoid heading out on another long road trip immediately after. Give the children time to rest for a night or two. Let them soak in the environment, go fishing, share stories about their experiences, play board games or just read a book to unwind before the journey continues to the next destination.

Correct Attire

Make sure the little ones pack all the necessities. Apart from their swim wear, well fitting beach sandals, extra clothes and towels, each one must bring along UV protection lotions with high SPF to avoid sunburn and apply them to all exposed parts before they step out in the sun. Make sure everyone stays well hydrated.

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Call us or email for any queries. We are currently taking reservations for 2018 white water season. Find out which trips suit your family’s needs best. Our tour includes transportation from Jaco, fresh fruits and bilingual guides to ease hassles and make it more fun.