On any vacation, you want to have the opportunity to take in as many adventures as possible. If you are lucky enough to be vacationing somewhere with sun, sand, and waves, then you may want to try surfing on for size. Before you grab a board, even if you have surfed before, and run out into the waves, you may want to attend a surfing lesson. You will learn safety, proper surfboard handling, paddling, popping up, and of course, riding waves.

Don’t Be Disappointed

Surfing may look easy when you see experts doing it, but like every other boardsport, looks can be quite deceiving. Boardsports take a lot of technique to do right, and without knowing what to do or how to handle the equipment, you can end up with disappointing results. With the compounding factor of water safety when surfing it is best to learn the ropes before renting some equipment and going out into the ocean.

On Deck

When you go to your first surfing lesson as a beginner, you may be surprised at how much time you spend on land. This is because you need to learn a lot of techniques before you go out into the water. The “pop up” is how you go from paddling to standing upright, balanced on your board. While with some practice this is not tricky, if you are trying to do it for the first time out in the ocean you can run into some problems. This is why starting on the sand, where your technique can be critiqued and honed, is the best way to go.

Surfing Safety

Learning a bit about what to do in an emergency is vital to being able to surf safely. You need to make sure that you are a strong enough swimmer to be able to handle things if they do go wrong, and your surf coach will be able to make sure that you are. They will also teach you what to do when you fall – because there will be falls – and what to do if you lose your board. Your board is attached to your ankle with a strap, but sometimes it can come undone or break off entirely.

Boost that Confidence

Having surfing lessons also gives you a confidence boost. Surfing is an incredibly fun, but also a full-body sport. Knowing what you are doing and having someone who knows what they’re doing giving you the go ahead and watching over you while you take your first steps (or do your first pop-ups). It can make you feel more confident and will get you up on the board faster if someone is there just in case things go wrong. Your surfing instructor is there to take care of you and make sure you have a good, safe time.

The surf lessons that we teach at AXR Jaco are fun and informative. Our goal is to get everyone up and surfing no matter their age or skill level. If you think that surfing could be for you then contact us today, you will be catching a wave in no time!