Jaco lies on a picturesque seashore of Costa Rica, just an hour’s drive from San Jose, but there’s much more to do in this bustling beach town beyond surfing the waves.

Jaco is the gateway to the lush Central and South Pacific coast. It has sand and the sea, a lush tropical rainforest, rocky cliffs, a raging river, a huge selection of restaurants and hotels for all budgets. It offers adventure, nature and wide spectrum of wildlife. Here’s our pick of the best beaches, activities and places for you to chill in.

Active Adventures in Jaco

Jaco offers an endless list of fun activities. From ATV to horseback riding and zip-line tours, rappelling, fishing, surfing and catamaran cruises, there’s a lot to choose from. Take a combo tour with us at The Park to enjoy these activities. There are also spectacular Hotels such as the Villa Caletas that offers a magnificent outdoor amphitheater overlooking the cliffside. There’s the Gulf of Nicoya and Pacific Ocean to drink in spectacular sunsets that match the hues of the cocktails in the hotel bar.

Surfing Playa Hermosa

Surfing at Jaco is as natural to the region as fishing in the waters there. Surf shops are all around you. Rent a board to ride the waves if you’re an expert. For novices, surfing lessons are available for a memorable morning. Playa Hermosa towards the south is a great destination for advanced surfers. It’s famous for its consistent waves that invite you to compete again and again. If surfing is not for you, try SUP or stand up paddle boarding, gliding over the waves and taking in the sunset. Playa Blanca is the lone white sand beach or purchase a day pass at the Punta Leona resort.

Wildlife at Carara National Park

North of Jaco there’s an unexpected surprise waiting for nature lovers. It’s the Cara National Park with a maze of trails that lead you into the dense rainforest. Look out for monkeys, a fascinating variety of colourful birds, flora, fauna and insects. Carara is world-famous for its birds with over 400 different species in the belt. Visit the Rainforest Adventures to enjoy an unforgettable aerial tram and trails.

Tarcoles River Boat Crocodile Tour

Along the way to Jaco is the raging river Tarcoles, right below the bridge. If you look into the depths intently, you may see massive tropical crocodiles that the region is famous for. Take in the sight from above or if you dare, take a boat down for a closer look and spectacular views. Hike to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica – Bijagual – that appears before you dramatically after a 2 km (2.5 mile) long hike through the dense rainforest.

ATV Tours

ATV tours are very popular in the town of Jaco mainly due to the muddy trails winding around the mountains. ATV tours let you ride up the rough terrain, slice through the rivers and explore the jungle that are hard to cover by foot.

Adventure Tours Jaco

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