If you’ve decided to plan a trip to Costa Rica, you’ve already made one great decision. Let us help you make another by encouraging you to book your stay at Playa Jaco while in this beautiful rainforested country. A popular destination for tourists from around the world, Playa Jaco boasts an endless list of things to do and continues to draw people in from far and wide. Known for its beautiful beaches, lush jungle, and great nightlife, it’s easy to see why people keep coming back. This Americanized beach town offers excellent surfing, especially for those that are first-time wave riders, and even is a gateway to many of Costa Rica’s best national parks. Another fantastic thing about Playa Jaco is that it’s only one hour from San Jose’s national airport. The town’s proximity to the airport allows travelers to get to relaxing and enjoy the region’s surf culture, its souvenir shops, and the many other specialty stores it offers in no time!

As the area is very vibrant and populated, if you’re staying in town, prepare yourself to be faced with countless dining options, all within walking distance. Unlike neighboring beaches on the central pacific coast, like Herradura and Hermosa, Playa Jaco can offer more amenities, all the while being just a few steps from the beach. 

Fortunately, if you’re staying here, your wallet will thank you! As the beach primarily attracts a younger crowd, many of the local hotels target this group by offering their services at a lower rate and keeping those with a limited budget in mind. If you’re looking for something nicer, don’t fret. Although many options are inexpensive, that doesn’t exclude better high-quality resorts from popping up!

It’s not just the low price tag that comes with Playa Jaco that attracts a young crowd, it’s also the booming nightlife it boasts that sets it apart from other areas. Considered the disco capital of Costa Rica, visitors can rest assured they’ll have a great time when partying in this beautiful spot.

Perhaps the best part of Playa Jaco is all the amazing activities you can choose from during your stay. One of the best ways to enjoy the town is to experience what it has to offer. There’s no better way to do this than filling your days with hiking, kayaking, parasailing, sportfishing, or even visiting Cara National Park. Two favorites amongst tourists include Jaco Canopy tours, which allow visitors to suspend themselves above the jungle and enjoy mountainside views and lush nature. This experience is second to none! A Tortuga Island Tour is also high on the list for many, where you can enjoy stunning snorkeling, swimming, and lazing about on the white sand beach. Even with all the visitors this rocking beach town attracts, you don’t have to worry about overcrowding. The length of the beach helps spread everything out so you won’t have to worry about stepping on other eager travelers’ toes. 

Playa Jaco is your one-stop-shop for inexpensive accommodation, endless tour opportunities, excellent and easy to access food options, and a breathtaking beach. This bustling town will keep you busy and satisfied day and night! Make sure to check us out at AXR Jaco to enjoy the area’s #1 tour agency!