Is Costa Rica on your bucket list of places to visit this year? If not, you may want to revise your plans and add it in. Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination throughout the year, especially in the dry months between December to June. But it is the wet season when you may want to really plan your vacation.

The rainy reason is what Costa Rica calls “winter.” July to December is when the tropical belt turns lush green from the rains which is why winter is also called the “Green Season.” For North Americans and Europeans looking to escape the sub-zero temperatures of their homeland, Costa Rica is an ideal destination for a winter holiday. Just make sure reservations are made in advance since there is a lot to explore.

Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Guanacaste Province

The Guanacaste province is a tropical wonderland at this time, even though it is arid in the warmer months. The rain is not relentless but pours in spurts for a few hours in the afternoon and evening, leaving you with enough time in the mornings to stroll around. Temperatures in other regions vary with elevations, not with seasons. The mountains in general are cool throughout the year.

The Caribbean Coast

South of Limón on the Caribbean end, rain pelts down year-round. But this area is not as wet as the rest of the country, making it the perfect place to visit. July to October is a good time to plan a holiday here for this is when the fascinating green sea turtles wade out of the sea to nest on the shores at Tortuguero. The Osa Peninsula is equally incredible. Here is where you will find humpback whales giving birth to their young ones this time.

Arenal, the Adventure Capital

Arenal is where all the fun and excitement lies. It’s a popular rainforest and volcano area that is showered with both Pacific and Caribbean weather patterns. Be prepared for a downpour from time to time although there are days when it doesn’t rain at all. Mornings are sunny and afternoons could be a bit wet. Just plan the day accordingly. Set out when it’s bright and dry and come back to your room for your afternoon siesta or a steaming cup of Costa Rican coffee when the clouds gather.

The Central Valley & Pacific Coast

This region reflects various hues of green in the winter season. February to March is the peak season but the green season is when tourism is less busy, giving you shorter wait times, more choice in room accommodations and low-season deals and discounts. If you’re lucky, you may get a room free for a night when you book multi-day tours.

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