From the amazing location where it happens, a great line-up, stage production and variety of workshops to choose from, Envision Festival at Uvita, Costa Rica, is an all in one place life experience for all ages.

But for sure there’s going to be times through your schedule where you can just go out to look for a thrilling experience of everything else Costa Rica has to offer; whether it’s a zipline tour, horseback riding on the beach, waterfall adventures or a jungle ATV ride, there’s hundreds of that kind of experiences that will definitely make you have a blast!

Costa Rica not only provides a great home for Envision, but also being here for the festival it’s a pretty convenient opportunity for attenders to enjoy the country and try all of this, that’s why we made a list of the most popular activities people does with us during their stay in Costa Rica for Envision Festival:

  1. Zipline Tour in the forest

With breathtaking views of the beach and the forest the zipline tour is probably one the most famous in the area! If you’re lucky enough you will get to see beautiful wildlife all around like Monkeys, Macaws, Toucans, exotic butterflies and so much more.

This tour is a must while visiting Costa Rica, zipping along the treetops is an experience you can’t lose.

  1. Jungle ATV tours

If you’re looking for an extreme experience the ATV tours are for you, this is the easiest way to explore the jungle while having a lot of fun!

There’s several trails, waterfalls and breathtaking views where your professional guides can take you

  1. White water rafting

White water rafting is another famous one here, being a tropical country there’s no wonder Costa Rica is known as a white water rafting and boating destination. Is a great way to experience the rush of the Naranjo and Savegre rivers. They’re mountainous topography gives you the opportunity to feel a rush of adrenaline and hear pumping in the most natural and enjoyable river experience.

  1. Take surfing classes

This is a great option for everyone to have fun, from beginners to advanced surfers; on this classes you’re always enjoying safe.

  1. Horseback riding

On the tour you’ll experience the calm side of the forest. There is so much to see in there but most of the times wildlife feels scared of the noise, the horseback ride tour is the good choice to explore Costa Rica’s many animal and plant species, and also save energy for your next activity.